Hanita 2141

Hanita 2141

Hanita 2141

This product as a special fat for using in the analogue dairy products industries regarded for exports and it has definitely designed and formulized for this usage and it strives to carry out strict hygienic and new standards; in the meantime, to have firmness and ideal texture of the good.

The usage: 

                In producing all kinds of analogue dairy products such as pizza, process, UF cheeses and all kinds of high percent fat yogurts ( providing to have the permit usage authorization from ministry of health for the intention of exports)

The advantages:

                texture giving and excellent consistency in the final product,

                having excellent emulation make up by milk and dairy products,

                having consistency in texture,

                having creamy favorable taste,

                the improvement of tensional elastic conditions and cooking conditions in Pizza cheeses,

                benefitting from seasonal formula


                16 kg carton with polyethylene nylon coverage inside

The conditions for preservation:

                To be stored in dry and cool places (25ºc) and away from direct sunshine radiation

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10 July 2017


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