Hanita 1000

Hanita 1000

Hanita 1000

This product as a tablecloth vegetable butter is designed for using in butter packaging industries in the meantime with preservation of new standards in reducing Trans-fat acids that can have in the meantime of improving nutritional food value and hygienic recommendations tender consistent texture and acceptable quality in the foiled packaging.

The usage:

                As the usage in butter packaging industry for using in the breakfast meals

The advantages:

                having a very lasting and consistent emulation,

                having very suitable texture during the time of packaging,

                having suitable butter favor,

                the final product is non-congealment in the mouth,

                having firm texture in the temperature of environment and fast melting feature in the mouth,

                having Trans fat acid under 2 percent


                16 kg carton with polyethylene nylon coverage inside

The conditions for preservation:

                To be preserved in the refrigerator (below 4ºc.) and away from all undesirable smells

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10 July 2017


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