Hani ghee Half fat Spread

Hani ghee Half fat Spread

Hani ghee half fat spread

This product as a bulk ghee butter with reduced fats has produced to improve the final product quality of the food nutritional value in the meantime to provide the better economical conditions for the butter packaging industry.

The usage:

                As the usage in butter packaging industry for cutting in pieces and packages

The advantages:

                containing 40 percent of fresh milk in providing the calcium of the body,

                having less calorie and reduced fat,

                having a firm texture in the temperature of environment and fast melting in the mouth,

                packaging capability in aluminum foil,

                having the exact favor similar to the whole fat butter


  25 kg carton with polyethylene nylon coverage inside

The conditions for preservation:

                To be preserved in refrigerating room below zero (18º c.) and away from disagreeable smells

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10 July 2017


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