Hanita OMEGA+

Hanita OMEGA+

Hanita OMEGA+ 

This product as vegetable butter (named Pakhshineh) is designed for breakfast meals. In addition, for the first time in Iran, it is made up from 40 percent of fresh milk with the healthy vegetable fats so that in the meantime of creating desirable favorite taste can be useful in improving the nutritional value of food to provide the body’s need for necessary fat acids. 

The usage:

                To be useful in the breakfast meals

The advantages:

                containing 40 percent of fresh milk in providing the body’s need for calcium,

                being in profusion of necessary fat acids (Omega),

                having less saturated fat acids,

                having zero trans fat acids,

                having less calorie and reduced fat


                200 g polypropylene cup dishes

The conditions for preservation:

                To be preserved in refrigerator (below 4º c) and to be away from unfavorable smells.

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10 July 2017


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