Hanita 3410

Hanita 3410

Hanita 3410

This product is a soft fat, for producing all kinds of dry pastries, which therein their process utilized from the fat in the used paste mixture.  

 The sage:

                for producing all kinds of classic dry pastries and dry paste

The advantages:

                very strict reduction of Trans isomers based on Iran national new standards,

                having soft and consistent texture without pokes,

                suitable air giving  and having the inclination to become creamy,

                the improvement of the tender fragility of the product,

                non congealment of the pastry in the mouth,

                the desirability effect of butter favorite taste,

                benefitting from seasonal and provincial formula


  16 kg carton with polyethylene nylon coverage inside


The conditions for preservation:

                To be stored in cool and dry places (25º c) and away from all kinds of smells and avoiding the direct radiation of the sun

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10 July 2017


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