Hanita 3420

Hanita 3420

Hanita 3420

This product as a special fat is used for the usage of bread and flour industry and it designed particularly for this kind of consummation and it strives much to carry out the strict hygienic recommendations and new standards in the meantime of eliminating liquid fats out of the dough formulation and improved quality of the product.

The usage:

                In producing various bulky bread and toasts and various cakes

The advantages:

                this product replaces liquid fat (ghee) and is easy for the operator by eliminating the mixing of several kinds of ghee in producing dough,

                soft and consistent texture,

                delaying the congealment of the final product in the mouth and increasing the period of preservation,

                improvement in the speed action and the quality of the work of mixing ghee with dough,

                increment of the cake volume,

                the omission of dryness in the final product,

                the favorable effect of butter taste,

                benefiting from seasonal and provincial formula


16 kg carton with polyethylene nylon inside

The conditions for preservation:

  To be stored in dry and cool places (25º c.), and away from all kinds of smells and avoiding the direct radiation of the sun

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10 July 2017


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