Hanita 3400

Hanita 3400

Hanita 3400

This product as special fat for the usage in biscuits industries is used and is specially designed and formulized for this kind of application and strives much to carry out the hygienic recommendations and new standards, and the goods quality improvement

The usage:

                for producing all kinds of biscuits and wafers

The advantages:

                being the first special biscuit product with fat acids near-to-zero trans and in compliance with the new hygienic recommendations,

                having soft and consistent texture,

                forming  suitable biscuits brittleness,

                the reduction of biscuit losses and fragility,

                the final product is non-congealment in the mouth,

                it delays the process of biscuits becoming stale and it increases the sustaining period,

                the improvement of the speed and the quality in the action of mixing oil with the paste, 

                having the effect of desirable favorite butter taste,

                benefitting from seasonal and provincial formula


                16 kg carton  with polyethylene nylon coverage inside

The conditions for preservation:

                To be stored in cool and dry places ( 25º c) and away from all kinds of smells and avoiding from direct radiation of the sun.

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10 July 2017


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