Hanita 3210 (Buttered)

Hanita 3210 (Buttered)

Hanita 3210 (buttered)

This product as a special fat has developed for producing all kinds of dry layered pastries, which is therein, the process of its produce from fat placing used without activation of fermenting being involved.


The usage:

                for producing all kinds of pastries as termed such as Sweet Tongue (Shirin-Zaban), Napoleonic, Bride stem (Sghee Aroos), Paupion (Bowtie), lozenges (baklava)

The advantages:

                the first in country a layered product with decreased Trans fat slabs,

                having consistent texture and soft surface without pokes,

                having very high suitable elasticity tolerance to plasticity,

                increased higher volume of the produced pastry,

                having oil non-leakage in the paste,

                producing suitable pastries brittleness and fragility,

                the final product of non-congealment in the mouth,

                the action speed and quality improvement in the work of layering,

                the feasibility of achieving results with the less laying,

                non requirement for the excessive work and cooling,

                having optimum favorite effect of butter taste,

                benefitting from seasonal and provincial formulae


                10 kg. cartons containing five packages of 2 kg slabs

The conditions for storage:

                To be preserved in cool and dry places ( 25ºc) and away from all kinds of smells and avoiding direct radiation  of sunshine

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10 July 2017


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