Hanita 3110 (in layers)

Hanita 3110 (in layers)

Hanita 3110 (in layers) 

This product as a special fat for producing all kinds of bread and pastries is in soft layers in the process of which fat layering and the process of fermentation is applied.

 The usage:

                producing all kinds of croissant cakes, Danish pastries, doughnuts, Gata bread, Laminar bread

The advantages:

                being in country the first layered product with reduction of Trans fat acids,

                having soft tender consistent texture without pokes,

                having very high suitable tension to elasticity tolerance,

                increasing of higher bulk in the produced bread and pastries,

                causing delay in the process of bread staling and pastries products,

                the final product doesn’t congeal in the mouth,

                the paste doesn’t have any oil leakage,

                improving speed and quality in laying work,

                having desirable effect of butter taste, 

                benefiting from seasonal and provincial formula,


                10 kg. carton containing five 2 kg packaged slabs

The conditions for the storage:

  • To be stored in cool and dry places in ( 25º c) and away from disagreeable smells

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10 July 2017


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