Hanita Infoil

Hanita Infoil

Hanita infoil 

This product as a special fat is for producing variety of infant milk powders and all kinds of produced and formulized children foods. This fat can easily mix with milk and provides a suitable compatible wholesome mixture for the infants’ digestive tracks.

The usage:

                Expertise producing of the infant and child food and in producing all kinds of infant milk powders

The advantages:

  being in conformity with European EC141 standard,

   having Zero Trans fat acids,

   mixing fat acids in compatibility with the infants digestive tracts,

   having the effect of a favorable taste,


                200 kg metallic barrels with food ranking grade

The conditions for preservation:

  • To be stored in cool and dry places (20ºc) and away from all smells and avoiding the direct radiation of the sun

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10 July 2017


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