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Chasht pasand Food Industrial Group, the producer of Hanita products inaugurated in 2004, which after several years of development and promotion of its capacity, today it is considered as the first and the only ultra-blend production line in Iran fat industries. Its daily capacity is about 80 tons of various food specialized oils besides its daily capacity of 200 tons of receiving fresh milk, has made its optimal capability in the procession of the various guild and industry products and (B2B) . This point has made it exclusive in the specialized applied activities of the company in the field of producing oils products by adopting the American SPX technology.

Chasht Pasand Company, by having the insured systems of quality management in the case of ISO, HACCP systems, and by possessing the most modern and the highest up-to-date equipments and machineries along with up-to-date laboratories for researches and quality control assures all its customers to offer them certain special products in the compliance of Iran oil industries new standards.


HANITA base advantages in creating high merits for customers:
  1. Quality: ever and regular excellent quality in conformity with firm standards.       
  2. Speed: fast delivery services to customers including meeting responsibilities, investigating, following-up actions and especially quick performances for timely forwarding orders.                                                                                            
  3. Adaptability: having complete flexibility in compliance with the customers’ new needs and delivery performance accompanied with suitable fast strategies and due placement of products orders.                                                            
  4. Consultation and communication creating and seeking advice: we believe that the customers profitability is exactly considered to be the same as ours and it is regarded as our main goals and objectives; therefore, technical consultations and long term communication are considered in attendance as our objective.                                                                                                
  5. Price: the price is in conformity with our timely services, goods delivery, and bears very high compatibility of Hainta.

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